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With more than 15 years of proven experience in the Export consulting field, Or Consulting is today one of the top consulting firm in Israel.
All our Team members have a "multi cultural" education in order to easily link with the European and Israeli worlds, they all speak fluently several European languages (western and eastern Europe)

Or Consulting deliver a "one stop shop " complete solution, from the first market research to the final contracts on a "day to day" contact basis with our Israeli and foreign customers.

Or Consulting is only representing the best Israeli companies; with a minimum of several years of experience (we are also working with Start Up companies), with the most updated technologies for all market categories: hi tech, packaging, cosmetic, electronic, bio technologies, security, industry or environment.

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Specialist of time temperature indicators
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Flexible packaging
New partnership: Starcom systems
GPS tracking systems
Or Consulting is proud to represent the prestigious worldwide number one company in cosmetics products:  L'Oreal Israel asked us to promote the products manufactured locally called: Natural Sea Beauty and to find for them new distributors in Europe We built a strong network of distributors in Europe for Natural Sea beauty, allowing us to promote other cosmetic products. Are you searching to promote cosmetic products in Europe? We're here to help you. Thanks to our network in the cosmetics industry we can help you attract new clients. In a quick a effective way. Do you want t
o read more about the Natural Sea Beauty products?  About l'Oréal L’Oreal Israel is a subsidiary of L'Oreal Group responsible for distribution of all brands in the Group including Helena Rubinstein, Lancome, Giorgio Armani, Ralf Lauren, Vichy, Dermo-Expertize, Garnier, Studio Line, Kerestasse and many others. L’Oreal Israel has its own manufacturing plant producing a variety of L'Oreal brands as well as a unique line of skincare products under the brand name of Natural Sea Beauty. The uniqueness of this remarkable brand is gener.....
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Or Consulting specializes in package engineering and development that helps companies create a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Unlike most packaging consultants, Or Consulting delivers much more than ideas, we deliver solutions. Or Consulting Team of highly motivated people with diverse skills and backgrounds, and leading-edge technological expertise will lead you to sucess. Our dedication, collective experience and proven project management skills provide you with high quality and proven solutions. The goal of Or Consulting is to identify tailor made solutions to our cus
tomers. This approach frequently leads to additional cost-reduction opportunities in your indirect packaging-related costs, such as improvements in productivity, quality, communication and customer satisfaction.   Today Or Consulting is proud to represent the Israeli leaders companies in term of packaging for food and non food :CLP Industries, Salina, MCP Performance Plastic, Ducart Group... Do you want to know more about our partners ?  CLP Industries :       Leading Israeli producer of flexible packaging.     .....
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Biotechnology is one of the growing demands industry worldwide. Thanks to the strong contacts established by Or Consulting in Europe with Biotechnology companies and the help of our qualified consultants i we are helping Biotechnology companies to establish strong partnerships. We will be glad to give you more information relating to our experience with Biotechnology companies. If you want to know more just contact us.

We provide a complete solution for High tech Companies wishing to start or grow their export to new countries and avoid the pitfalls.   Companies have to take many critical decisions when it comes to their sales strategies. High margin and lower volume or vice versa, your own sales force or sales agents, selling through distributors or starting your own subsidiaries, how to structure your sales force - just to mention a few.    We have strong relationships with High Tech multinational companies min Europre Do you want to know more ? Just con
tact us.    E-Drive Technology (EDT) :        Automotive Telematics, Fleet & Mobile Resource Management & Fuel Logging Solutions                                                                    .....
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Or Consulting is your first interlocutor to find industrials and professionals partners in the electronic world (industrial-medical, aerospace-defense, automotive, telecommunications...). Our consultants have more than 18 years experience with electronic European spread companies. Do you want to know more? Just contact us .

 Or Consulting is proud to represent the best Israeli companies in the anti terrorism and protection field, particularly concerning training programs for airports and aviation companies and protection strategies for high-level politicians, senior executives, high-visibility individuals and organizations, elected officials, public figures and their family members. Everybody knows the deep experience of israeli specialists in terms of protection and security. At this level not a single error is acceptable, that's why our partners are the most requested ones, particulary toward
european clie nts. We are able to give the best and appropriate answer to all kind of threat, from a unique man protection to a multinational company level security leaks and treatment. Do you want to know more about ourisraeli clients in the security market?   Top Secure :         Israeli security organizations                                                         .....
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